Minggu, 13 Januari 2013

“If I were alone, I would have given up.”

On Feb. 3, a photograph was uploaded on JYJ’s Facebook page. Although Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun were all looking at different places, it looked like they were more comfortable with each other than at any other time. Each of them wishes that they will all recognise each other’s abilities and support each other’s activities. They worry about improving the synergy among themselves and they believe that a stronger friendship will be built if they were to experience a difficult time together. In an industry that is still hard for people to survive, we can feel JYJ’s simple freedom, happiness and uneasiness. Lastly, we listened to a gospel by “Mr Positive Kim”.
10. What is the synergy you get from being a singer and doing musical activities?
Kim Junsu: My thoughts on singing have slightly changed. “Fallen Leaves” was produced right after the conclusion of “Mozart”, so the musical had a lot of influence the song. Before acting in musicals, I felt like like a weak bird that could not do anything. However, thanks to those who still come and support me, I have gained confidence even in concerts. I was particularly shocked by the system of musical rehearsals, but I think it may be integrated into JYJ’s concerts.
“If I were alone, I would have given up.”

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